All the OCs and their owners.

OCs owned by LucyQuinnEvansEdit

Aubrey Trang - Short bio: Chinese; Las Vegas; girlfriend of Greg Sanders; CSI Level 3

Jordin Cassoviore - Short bio: French-American; Miami, Dade; girlfriend of Kyle Harmon; CSI Trainee

Madeline Craigs - Short bio: American; Las Vegas; DNA tech

Elly March - Short bio: Italian-American; New York; CSI Trainee

Addison Cartnet - Short bio: American; Miami, Dade; CSI Level 2/Trainee; Daughter of Horatio Caine and sister of Kyle Harmon

Destiny Danville - Short bio: American; New York; Daughter of Jo Danville

Winna Liu - Short bio: Chinese; New York; girlfriend of Don Flack; CSI Level 3

OCs owned by PandaChexEdit

Bella Oak - Short Bio: American; Miami-Dade; CSI Trainee

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