Bella Oak
Hailee Steinfeld as Juli
Bella Oak

Full name

Isabella Chelsea Oak




January 19, 1996




Blood spatter


  • Isa
  • Ella
  • Chel
  • Cece
  • C.C.


  • Student
  • Crime lab assitant
  • Volunteer at the crime lab


Hailee Steinfield

Isabella "Bella" Chelsea Oak is an only child, and she lives in Miami, Dade. She is a 16 year old trainee at the MDPD crime lab.

Early Life

Bella was an only child when she was younger. She was very lonely and bored. When she was young, Bella was smart, and had an IQ of 135 then. Bella was often bullied in school for being such a nerd. She was shy and never stood up for herself or told anybody about it.

Her mother died when she was 6, due to lung cancer. Now, all Bella has, is her father. She is very grateful, but also very sad. She hates to embarrass her dad, and was very sorrowful when he had to buy her girl stuff.

Current Life

Now Bella has a driver's license, so she goes everywhere. She works at the MDPD crime lab as a trainee. Bella is a sophmore in high school and is a dedicated student. She has Honors classes and AP classes.


Algebra Honors I

Science Honors I

AP English

Forensics (elective class)


AP Reading


Key Club


Bella is very calm, and down-to-earth. She is picky about what she eats and drinks and wears. Bella has a set schedule for the day, but she never follows it. She hates to get in trouble, and she hates quitting. Bella takes a long time to decide. She is quirky, timid, but smart.



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